It is important that the local community participates in the re-development of the Bedford Union Armory...

Minority Women Business Enterprises (M/WBE) Contracting Opportunities

Bedford Courts is committed to the Crown Heights Community and supporting the development and growth of M/WBEs. The development team has committed to the goal of 25% MWBE participation for this project. Further, the team has hired By The Numbers Consulting (BTN) to focus solely on work with the City, local officials, community organizations and trade associations to meet M/WBE goals, and share information about job opportunities. Special, targeted outreach focused on the Crown Heights Community is underway to ensure local entrepeneurs and workers benefit from the growth in their community. The Construction BlueBook will compliment our work on the ground in community.

Certified M/WBEs:
Companies currently certified with the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and New York State's Empire Development Corporation (ESDC) are encouraged to sign up to receive information about upcoming events and bid notifications. If you are New York State certified but are NOT certified with New York City we will make sure you work with a certification specialist as SBS to fast track your NYC application. 

Non-certified M/WBEs:
As entrepeneurs and developers, we understand the importance of access to opportunities. In keeping with our commitment to M/WBEs and the Crown Heights Community, we have committed to helping local companies become certified. We have engaged the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) as a partner to host workshops to facilitate M/WBE certification. Workshops will be staffed by SBS certification counselors who will assist entrepeneurs with applications and guide them through the process. 

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Employment Opportunities

As a major part of our commitment to the development of the Bedford Union Armory as well as the local community, we will ensure local residents can have access to job opportunities. In addition to co-hosting a series of job fairs with elected officials, community groups and government to share information, we will use City employment programs HireNYC and Workforce1 to hire. Through our partnerships we will also offer workforce training to qualified candidates. 

This project is enrolled in New York City Economic Development Corporation's (NYCEDC) workforce development program, HireNYC, which connects businesses to the City's workforce development services. By doing this, HireNYC connects local individuals that face barriers to employment, to the job opportunities your business creates. This initiative was created by the New York City's Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to connect the workforce with real estate developers and other businesses working on EDC projects.

To learn more about HireNYC, CLICK HERE. 

Workforce1: The Workforce1 program is a recruitment servce run by the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS). This citywide program aims to match qualified candidates with companies seeking employees. SBS staff work with businesses to get a deep understanding of what they are looking for; this understanding, combined with ongoing training workshops, helps to increase an individuals's opportunities for employment.

Workforce1 Career Center's are located in all five boroughs. To learn more about Workforce1 CLICK HERE.

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