Over the past 30+ years, BFC partners has focused on the acquisition, development, financing, construction and marketing of housing and mixed-use projects in New York City.

BFC Partners and its principals have concluded over $1.8B in acquisition and development projects since the firm’s inception and an additional $2.3B of projects currently in development. BFC’s experience encompasses the construction of 9,000 housing
units, ranging from single-family newly-constructed units, to the substantial rehabilitation of a project with over 600 units, to scattered site projects requiring the substantial rehabilitation of multiple buildings.

Our projects are targeted to a wide range of prospective occupants including low income/rental and ownership, moderate income/rental and ownership, and market
rate/rental with both cooperative and condominium ownership. Some of our past special purpose projects included housing
projects designed, built and marketed exclusively for artists, the homeless, as well as approximately 200,000 SF of commercial

BFC Partners is owned and operated by three principals: Donald Capoccia, Joseph Ferrara, and Brandon Baron.