Selection Committee Briefing and Access to the Application

Please read content below which covers the selection committee process. After your review, click on the following link to access and download the application ‘APPLICATION.’ Once your application is completed, you may submit it by email or USPS mail on or before May 15, 2019..

Send via email to:

Send via USPS mail to:

BFC Partners

c/o Armory Advisory Committee Application

150 Myrtle Avenue Suite 2

Brooklyn, New York 11201

The Bedford Union Armory Advisory Committee will be comprised of 15 members representing residents and community organizations that have a demonstrated track record of serving the Crown Heights and Central Brooklyn community. Eight members will be appointed from the following individuals/organizations: Council Member for District 35; Brooklyn Borough President; Representative for NY’s 9th Congressional District, Assembly Member for District 57, State Senator for District 20, Brooklyn Community Board 9, the Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights; and BFC Partners. The remaining seven seats will be appointed through a public application process that will be informed by a Selection Committee comprised of Council Member Laurie Cumbo’s office, BFC Partners, NYCEDC, and a host of other community stakeholders.

Committee Members will be responsible for advising on the development and programming of the Bedford Union Armory’s recreation and community facilities during the pre-development, construction and operations phases, and to ensure appropriate oversight of the community benefits that have been committed to the community. 

  • Diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and expertise will be important considerations for the composition of the board. As such, individual applications will also be weighed according to the overall balance of the board.

  • Members will serve for a two-year term with an option for a two-year renewal. Re-application will be required for additional terms beyond the two-year renewal.

  • The advisory committee is anticipated to convene its first meeting in Summer 2019 and continue meeting on a quarterly basis in perpetuity.

  • The advisory committee will host an annual board meeting each June to review and present the annual report, to determine objectives of the Committee for the coming year and vote to elect a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, Secretary and organizational members when applicable.

Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Is the candidate available for quarterly meetings?

  • Will the candidate be actively engaged?

  • Does the candidate’s employment (where applicable) present any potential conflicts of interest? (please note, employment is not a pre-requisite to serving on the advisory committee)

  • Does the candidate have prior board and or volunteer experience?

  • Has the candidate made significant contributions to the community?

  • What skills and expertise does the candidate possess which will be beneficial to an advisory committee focused on program development for athletics, children & youth related activities, arts & culture, social services and anti-violence? How do these skills complement those of other candidates under consideration for an advisory committee appointment?

  • Does the candidate have strong verbal and written communication skills?

  • Does the candidate have demonstrated experience working as part of a team?

Applicants should expect a response no later than May 31, 2019.